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Kenyarda F. • Posted on 8/9/2021 • Petition

For God to intervene and bless me with a miracle I'm facing prison time for a domestic dispute between my wife and I where no one was hurt and it was over a year ago. We were separated at the time and I went over to confront the guy my wife was seeing and things went left. However he wasn't there but I felt he was and pushed my wife into the house where she was staying so I could confront him. Now they had cameras and her father saw it on camera and has given the footage to the state's attorney. So they don't even care what my wife and I have to say at all and her father is championing this whole ordeal. I'm African American and she's Caucasian we're here in Florida so race has an huge factor in all this. They're holding my past against me and I've been out off trouble for a over a 12 years. I've lost my faith and since of direction due to all this I'm at my wits end and I'm in constant regret. I do love the lord but my actions say otherwise. Please pray for me and what Gods wants to do about our marriage.

nicole A. • Posted on 8/12/2017 • General

I am seeing deliverance from witchraft attaches. Please pray for Nicole mother Jackie and my daughter Olivia. My family bloodline has a history of practicing in the demonic. Household salvation and Ex husband Lionel and his family. Healing spiritual mentally physically financially socially and emotionally. I need a church home ( live in new orleans, La. ) Thank you. Nicole

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